"From my experience, standard products from Poland are to be sold on the French market if price is low and quantity high.

By contrast, non-standard and tailor-made products or under EU law protection are likely to generate higher margin, if there is an appropriate business, technological and legal support. Hence my idea to create the "Kierunek Francja" company ("Direction towards France" in Polish language).

Our company supports the activities of Polish startups and other technological companies in the direction of entering and opening itself to the French market."

Gildas Malandain, founder of the Kierunek Francja company.


10 years working on binational projects between French and Polish stakeholders.

7 years coordinating IT projects moderating customers' needs with production capabilities.

The company "KIERUNEK FRANCJA" was primarily founded towards French-speaking customers of IoT solutions that have been designed and already been implemented in Poland.

Get and keep in touch

with French-speaking clients, distributors and investors (or suppliers for sourcing in Poland)

  • analysis of final markets
  • submitting commercial offers
  • generating leads at fairs
  • matching technical specifications and adjusting the product to norms and regulations
  • organizing business meetings and visits of technological centers or plants
  • consulting in commercial law
  • training courses
  • Written translations to French language, oral translations

    Written translations from Polish or English

    • commercial offers
    • technical specifications
    • websites
    • softwares
    • product data sheets
    • catalogs
    • brochures
    • instructions
    • commercial contracts

    Experience, references and partnerships

    Export of industrial goods to France and Marocco.


    We are sales representative of:

  • Smart Technology Group Sp. z o.o. (producer of RFID readers and antennas)
  • Take Task S.A. (Software house of "Store check" mobile Apps)
  • Nextep Technologies Sp. z o.o. ( monitoring solutions for the energy sector)
  • ---

    For instance, we translated product catalogs for the account of ES-SYSTEM S.A. company.


    The "Kierunek Francja" company is an ideal partner for you to find the right commercial agent for your businesses.

    Why is it worth cooperating with us?

  • get access to a huge market
  • go beyond cultural, linguistic and legal barriers
  • build confidence with local customers
  • ask for support to a French intermediary based locally
  • You are our customer. So please be demanding with us!
  • Our methodology and business models

      1. "STARTER" PACK: we share your commercial offer with potential customers (or suppliers) within a short period of time and then work out a strategy of entry onto the French market (or a strategy of sourcing) for a few hundreds euros, depending on the scope of use for your solutions.

      2a. PROJECT + SUCCESS FEES: lump sum paid while getting the first order from the leads Kierunek Francja generated for you.

      2b. PROJECT + COMMISSION: commission from the first order generated by the commercial agent for whom we organized the recruitment for you.

      Should you have any question or remark, please do not hesitate to contact us!